Molior RS does not have combat skills such as RuneScape (i.e. Attack, Range, Magic). These skills are what's known as classes. In RuneScape, a player can train all types of combat i.e. Melee/Range/Magic, where as in Molior RS, a player is set by what class they pick.

We currently have 4 classes;

If players wish to mix up the combat, they can.

The max level is level 30. A mixture of classes add up to the total of 30, for example;

  • Level 30 Fighter = Max level
  • Level 15 Fighter & 15 Ranger = Max level
  • Level 10 Wizard, 10 Fighter & 10 Rogue = Max level

Training your character in one class is most certainly handy, but can restrict you a lot. While a level 30 Fighter is very strong with melee, it can only use level 1 bows and staves, and not cast spells.

While a player with level 15 Fighter & 15 Wizard classes isn't going to be as strong in melee, it has an alternative combat method, spells. Whereas if a level 30 Fighter meets an monster which has strong defence against melee, the player has no alternative method.

If you're mostly after Player vs Monster combat, mixing up classes isn't as important as to Player vs Player, as majority of monsters have no specific defence.

With the introduction of Slayer, some slayer monsters are immune to a certain type of combat (i.e. slashing, water spells, piercing).