Cook's Assistant


1) Speak with the Cook. Ask him what’s wrong. He will say he is in a terrible mess, because it’s the Duke’s birthday and he should make a Cake, but doesn’t have the ingredients. Tell him we will help him and he will require us to get him a super large egg, top-quality milk and extra-fine flour. He will also give you 100 coins to get the supplies.

2) Walk outside the castle. If you don’t already have a pot you can run north to the General store and buy one for 43 gp. Run East across the bridge and then North to the Cow Pen and speak with Gillie Groats. Ask her if you can buy some Cow’s Milk and buy some for 10 coins.

3) Now, Run a little North-West into the Chicken Coop and inspect the Chicken nest and acquire the egg. Run South-West across the bridge and head North-West past Farmer Fred’s house to Draynor Village and run North to the Wheat field and pick up some Wheat and take the portal to Draynor to run into the Mill directly North. Go up the ladder and up the next Ladder and put your wheat into the hopper. Now, activate the ground lever. Climb back down the ladders and click on the hopper to acquire the Flour and make your way back to the Cook.

4) Speak with the Cook again, He will ask if you have all the ingredients and for some change from the 100 coins he gave to you (you can either give him the 100 coins back or some change, it’s entirely up to you.) Ask if you get to go to the Duke’s party, but the Cook says that only the big cheeses get to dine with the Duke and you respond with that maybe one day you’ll be important enough to sit at the Duke’s table. This will end the quest and you will be rewarded with 1 quest point and 500 cooking xp.