Allows players to cook food. The food can then be consumed to heal a player's hitpoints. The higher the cooking level, the lesser the chance is of burning food. Only the range in Lumbridge has a chance to burn food less often

How to cook

Cooking can be done by right clicking a range, cooking spit, or fire. This will bring up an interface with options for cooking each type of food: Fish, Meat & Vegetables, Dough.

Making dough-related items

To create food items that require dough, you must firstly wet flour in a cooking sink by right clicking the sink, and selecting the desired option within the interface. This will give you an "Uncooked" variation of the food. The "Uncooked" item can be taken to a range, cooking spit, or fire to be cooked under the dough tab.

Level Item
1 Shrimp, Bread, Meat, Anchovy
5 Herring
10 Redberry pie
15 Trout
20 Pike, Meat pie
25 Salmon
30 Tuna, Apple pie
35 Pizza
40 Lobster
45 Swordfish, Meat pizza
50 Anchovy pizza

Cooking Locations

Range/ Oven / Spit: wilderness - bandit camp 1, Varrock castle 2, Lumbridge castle 1, Wilderness - Rogues castle 1, The Digsite 1, Burthorpe 1,

Sink: Falador 1, lumbridge castle 1, cooking guild 1,

Wheat: Burthorpe 11, Draynor 5+,

Mill: Draynor 1, Burthorpe 1,