Allows players to craft items from raw materials, such as pottery, ranged armour, and jewellery.

The Chisel interface

Right click > activate a chisel to open the interface, you will see gem cutting, gem bolt tips, and granite slabs which you can chisel.

The Needle interface

Right click > activate a chisel to open the interface, you will see normal, magic, and ranged leather items which you can sew.

Crafting Locations

Furnace: (See smithing as it's the same skilling plot)

Potters workbench: Draynor Village 1, Edgeville 1, Varrock 1,

Tanner: Al Kharid tanner 1, Varrock tanner 1,

Loom: Port Sarim farmhouse 1, Lumbridge castle 1, South Falador loom house 1,

Edgeville 1, Pottery house1,

Level Item
1 Leather gloves, Ball of wool, Pot
2 Leather boots
3 Leather cowl
4 Leather vambraces
5 Leather body, Gold ring
6 Gold necklace
7 Pie dish
8 Gold amulet, Bowl
10 Imphide gloves
11 Imphide boots
12 Imphide hood
14 Imphide robes
15 Hard leather body
20 Cut sapphire, Sapphire ring, Coif, Spider silk gloves
21 Spider silk boots
22 Sapphire necklace, Spider silk hood
23 Tiara
24 Sapphire amulet, Spider silk robes
25 Studded leather body
27 Cut emerald, Emerald ring
29 Emerald necklace
30 Carapace gloves
31 Emerald amulet, Carapace boots
33 Carapace helm
34 Cut ruby, Ruby ring
35 Carapace torso
40 Ruby necklace
43 Cut diamond, Diamond ring
45 Green dragonhide vambraces
50 Green dragonhide body, Ruby amulet, Batwing gloves
52 Batwing boots
54 Batwing hood
56 Diamond necklace, Batwing body
65 Red dragonhide vambraces, Gold ring
70 Red dragonhide body, Diamond amulet