Description: The Druids north of Taverley need your assistance making a potion to reclaim the stone circle south of Varrock, are you up for the task?

Items Required: Raw Beef, Raw Shrimp, Raw Chicken.

Enemies: Level 7 Skeletons

1. Speak to Kaqemeex, at the Guthix Altar in Northern Taverley to begin this Quest. He will task you to make an ointment of imbalance.

2. Head south to the building that's shaped like a Pentagon, head inside and speak to Sanfew about the potion. He will tell you he will need enchanted raw meat (Beef), raw chicken and raw shrimp. 

3. You can get these items easily enough, I'd recommend teleporting back to Lumbridge, as all three can be found together. 

4. Once you have collected all three types of raw meats, take them to Taverley Dungeon.


There are hostile level 7 skeletons ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you turn on stealth or parry ability to aid in combat. 

5. Once inside the dungeon, proceed north, and take the first right. You will reach a cauldron. 

6. Once you enchant the meats in the cauldron, return to Sanfew to make the potion.

7. Once the potion is made, bring it north to Kaqemeex to complete the quest.

Reward: 4 quest points, and access to the Herblore Skill.