Fighters are based off strength; the higher strength you have, the higher you can hit.

Armor/ Weapon

Required Level

Bronze 1
Iron 2
Steel 4
Mithril 6
Adamant 8
Rune 10
Granite 12
Dragon 14

Strength measures a characters muscle and physical power. This ability is especially important for fighters and rangers because it helps them prevail in combat. Strength also limits the amount of equipment a character can carry.

Strength improves melee attack accuracy (unless the character has the Weapon Finesse perk and higher dexterity. Strength also improves damage using a melee weapon or a thrown weapon.

Exceptions are:

  • Off-hand attacks as they receive only 50% the characters strength bonus, rounded down.
  • Two-handed attacks receive 150% of the strength bonus, rounded down.

Fighters are able to use a verity of weapons such as:

2h swords, battleaxes, daggers, long-swords, swords, maces, scimitars, war hammers.

They can also equip such armors as: chainbodys, platebodys, helmets, medium helmets, shields, square-shields.

Whats the best weapon to use?

That really all depends on what perks you choose to specialize in when you level up. Generally the metal 2h weapons are better than say a mace, or dagger, but that still heavily depends on what perks you choose. So there is no definitive answer. So pretty much... you skill with a certain weapon type makes all the difference.