Fletching allows for the creation of longbows, shortbows, arrows, bolts, and crossbows. As well as many thrown weapons such as throwing-axes.

How to fletch

right-click > activate a knife to bring up the fletching interface. Then select the desired item and you will being fletching.

Bowstrings & Crossbow strings

Crossbows & bows use the same string, so no need to look for special string for each of them. To get bowstring, you can gather flax from flax fields listed in the crafting skill guide, and then right-click a loom and begin making bowstring.

Detailed Fletching

To carve an item: activate your knife, then pick an item from the fletching menu.

String bows: activate bowstring to select which unstrung bow you want to string

String crossbows: activate crossbow string to select which unstrung crossbow you want to string.

Crossbow Limbs: activate the crossbow stock to attach the metal limbs to create a crossbow(u).

Arrows: activate the arrowheads to attach them to arrow-shafts.

Bolts: You can smith bolts on an anvil with a metal bar to create bolts(unf), then activate it to attach feathers to create bolts.

Level Item
1 Bronze arrows, Shortbow
3 Bronze bolts
5 Longbow, Normal stock/Bronze crossbow
7 Sapphire bolts
10 Iron arrows, Oak shortbow
13 Iron bolts
15 Oak longbow, Oak stock/Iron crossbow
20 Steel arrows, Willow shortbow
23 Steel bolts
25 Willow longbow, Willow stock/Steel crossbow
27 Emerald bolts
30 Mithril arrows
33 Mithril bolts
35 Maple shortbow, Maple stock/Mithril crossbow
40 Adamant arrows, Maple longbow
43 Adamant bolts
45 Yew stock/Adamant crossbow
49 Ruby bolts
50 Rune arrows, Yew shortbow
53 Rune bolts
55 Yew longbow, Magic stock/Rune crossbow
57 Diamond bolts
60 Magic shortbow
65 Magic longbow


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