1) Speak to One of the Generals within the fort and they will begin to argue about what color armour is the best. Ask them why they are arguing about. They want to celebrate a new Goblin Century, but the problem they want a change. Ask them if you can choose a colour for them and they will respond with yes as long as you choose the colour they are arguing about. Tell them, “What about a different colour?” They will tell you to bring them armour of different colours: blue, brown, and orange.

2) Now it is time to gather Brown Goblin mail if you have not already done so. There are plenty of goblins outside the fort where the Generals are located. Once you have gathered 3 goblin mail now is the time to get the dye so you can dye the mails.

3) If you have not obtained the dyes yet gather 3 redberries which can be bought from wydin’s food store in Port Sarim, 2 onions which can also be bought from Wydin’s food store or there is an onion patch near Rimmington where you can pick 2 onions. You will also need 2 Woad Leaves which can obtained from Wyson the gardener In Falador park for 25 coins.

4) After you have the materials to make the dyes, make your Aggie who is located in Draynor Village. Ask her what she can make and it will give you options for red dye, blue dye, and yellow dye. She will ask for 3 redberries and 5 coins for red dye, 2 onions and 5 coins for yellow dye, and 2 woad leaves and 5 coins for the blue dye.

5) Once obtaining the dyes go ahead and double click the red or yellow dye and use it on one or the other dyes to make orange dye. Now, use the orange and blue dye on the brown goblin mail to make different coloured armours. Make your back to the Generals and speak to them.

6) Speak to one of the Generals. After all said and done they will say that they like the original brown colour and take it from you. This will the be the end of the quest and for your help they reward you with 5 quest points, 200 crafting xp, and a gold bar.