1) Speak to the Herald of Falador. He will ask how he can help, ask what he does here. He will say that he is the Herald of Falador and is looking for a new champion. Ask about the champion. He will say being the champion of Asgarnia is quite the title. Ask how to become one. He will say one must win the hearts of the locals of Asgarnia. He says that Doric is getting behind, offer to help. The Herald will give you a list of quests to complete which consist of:

Once you have completed those quests go back to the Herald of Falador. He will that he has news about our deeds and it’s enough to make us Herald of Falador. Say it’s an honour, and he will give you a Cape. This will complete the quest and you will receive 2500 combat xp and the Herald of Falador Cape. Quest Complete