1) Speak to the Herald of Lumbridge outside the general store. She will be standing on a podium. Ask her what she does here. She will say it’s her job to make the city a lovely place and to look for a potential champion. Ask about the champion. She will say currently Misthalin is looking for a Champion. Ask her how to become one. She will respond by winning the hearts of Misthalin locals. To become the champion you will have to complete a list of quests the Herald give you which are:

2) Once you have completed all the quests speak to the Herald of Lumbridge again. She will say that she has news about our deeds and that it’s enough to make us the Herald of Misthalin. Tell her it’s an honor. You can choose whether you want Lumbridge or Varrock style cape. This is will complete the quest. You will be rewarded a Varrock or Lumbridge cape and 2500 combat xp.

Quest Complete

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