Imp Catcher


1) Speak with Wizard Mizgog ask if you can help him. He will say a wizard next door unleashed an army of imps and the imps stole his magical beads and asks if we can retrieve them for him. Say that you would be happy to help.

2) Now, we need to kill imps to get the wizard his beads ( 1 red, 1 black, 1 yellow, and 1 white). A few areas in which you can kill some imps are: 1 in Lumbridge, 2 on the road to Varrock, and 2 on the Road to Falador. After you have gotten 1 of each bead report back to Mizgog.

3) Speak with Mizgog, he will ask how the bead search is going. Tell him you have all four beads. He will be super stoked and make sure they are his magic beads after the conversation ends you have completed the quest and will be rewarded 1 quest point, 875 Runecrafting xp and an amulet of Accuracy.


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