So before you play there's a few things you need to know. Molior RS is a work-in-progress, and current content is subject to change.

List of known issues due to nwn2 restrictions:

- Your armor's bonus hp and ac will not be registered when you log in, this can be fixed by re-equipping all your armor. This also effects the 'Haste' feat, that's on most boots. If you have boots equipped but running slowly, re-equip them.

- the noting system is very similar the Runescape Classic's "certificate" system: So any items that don't 'work' probably haven't been added to the nearly 66,0000 word code for noting. We hope to have a better system at some point. Noting can be done by talking to any banking assistant.

- If you log out during a skilling activity, that node will not respawn until a server reset.