1) Speak to Redbeard Frank and tell him you are searching for Treasure. He says he might be able to tell us where we can find some treasure, but for a price. Ask what price and he will tell you for a bottle of Rum and agree to bring him some rum. He will say it will take a miracle to get it off Karamja. Ask what he means. He will say they have been clampin’ down on the export of spirits, but he thinks we can figure out a way get it. Make your way South and speak to a sailor and ask to go to Karamja (it will cost 30 coins). Run West to the pub, speak to Zambo ask to buy a beer and buy a thing of Karamja Rum under usables for 1 gp. Run a little South and pick 5 Bananas from the tree. Run East to the hut and speak to Luthas. Ask him about employment. He will say he can sort something about and talks about bananas that Wydin’s food store needs in Port Sarim. Click on the crate of bananas. Add the rum and 5 bananas. Talk to Luthas again and tell him you filled the crate. He will pay you 30 coins for the job. Tell him you will be on your. Make you way back to Port Sarim by speaking to the sailor.

2) Run South to Wydin’s food store and speak with Wydin. Tell him you are looking for a Job. He says he needs help cutting fruit in back because his other employees quit. Tell him you can help. Once you appear in the back inspect the banana crate and take the rum. Now, Exit the store and make your back to Redbeard.

3) Talk to Redbeard and he will ask if you have the rum. Give him the rum. He will now tell us about the treasure. He will talk about a guy named Hector and how he became rich, but was killed along with some of the crew members, but redbeard survived. He will drink the rum and hand you a key that opens Hector’s chest that is located in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Tell him you’ll get it. Make your way to the Blue Moon Inn In South Varrock. Once inside the Blue Moon Inn go upstairs. Go to the most western room and open the chest, you will find a pirate message. It will read “Visit the city of the White Knights. In the park, Saradomin points to the x which marks the spot.” Make your way to the Falador Park. Once inside the Falador park west of a pond there will be a statue and and a mound of dirt inspect the mound of dirt, you will find a chest and that will complete the quest. You will be rewarded 2 quest points, 450gp, a gold ring, and an Emerald. Quest Complete