Rangers are based off dexterity; the higher your dexterity, the harder you can hit enemies.

Dexterity improves ranged attack rolls, including those for attacks made with bows, crossbows, throwing axes, and other ranged weapons. Melee attack tolls with the Weapon Finesse perk. Dexterity also improves dodge Armor Class (AC), provided that the character can react to the attack. As well as reflex saving throws for avoiding fireballs and other attacks that you can escape by moving quickly.

Rangers can use weapons such as longbows, short-bows, and crossbows. Bows can be crafted from wood with a knife. Crossbow limbs can also be created this way.

Weapon Required Level
Longbow, shortbow, Bronze crossbow 1
Oak long/shortbow, Iron crossbow 2
Willow long/shortbow, Steel crossbow 4
Maple long/shortbow, Mithril crossbow 6
Yew long/shortbow, Adamant crossbow 8
Magic long/shortbow, Rune crossbow 10
Armor Required Level
Leather 1
Hard leather 2
Studed 4
Carapace 6
Green dragonhide 10
Red dragonhide 14
Black dragonhide 16
Arrows & Bolts Required Level
Bronze 1
Iron 2
Steel 4
Mithril 6
Adamant 8
Rune 10
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