Rogues are based off both strength and dexterity, making them equally cunning light rangers and light melee combatants.

Rogues posses the keen ability to turn invisible, or 'Sneak'. Which allows for ideal player vs player surprise attacks.

Armor Required Level
Leather 1
Wizard Robes 1
Hard leather 2
Imphorn robes 2
Studded leather 4
Spidersilk robes 4
Carapace 6
Green dragonhide 10
Red dragonhide 14
Black dragonhide 16

Rogues have access to metal helmets, from bronze to rune.

Rogues may also use daggers, crossbows+bolts, maces, shortbows+arrows, and swords, from bronze to rune.

Rogues also can use the Odium and Malediction wards at level 14.


Required Level

Staff 1
Staff of air, fire, water, earth, magic 1
Imphorn staff 2
Spidersilk staff 4
Batwing staff 6