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The Rune Essence mine is a magical mine, hidden away in the far northern reaches of the world. It cannot be reached by walking; one must teleport directly to the mine via a secret spell that only a few NPCs know.

This mine is the only natural source of Rune essence.

Accessing the mine

There are a number of NPCs located around Molior that will teleport the player to the mine. Players need to talk to these NPCs and ask to go to the mine.

  • Aubury - Located in Varrock, just a bit south of the east bank. This is the most convenient option, due to its close proximity to a bank.
  • Sedridor - Located in the basement of the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor.


The mine features four pathways, that lead to outcrops that the player can mine from. Within these outcrops, are several small standing 'fingers' around a central chunk. Only these outlying fingers can be mined. There is a teleportation portal within each outcrop, that will send the player back from whence they came.

Whilst the essence is stackable, keep in mind that it will eventually cause the player to become overencumbered if they stay too long. This could pose a problem if the player doesn't have any teleportation runes with them, and if they used Sedridor's teleport.

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