Rune Mysteries


1) Speak to Duke Horacio and ask if he has any quests. He will say he discovered this strange talisman, and that it seems to be mystical, something he has never seen before. He wants us to take this talisman to the Wizard’s Tower and speak with the head wizard.

2) Run downstairs and out of the Lumbridge Castle. Head south to the Lumbridge Forest and head West from there and make your way to the Wizard’s Tower. Run North and make your way to the basement. Head a little north and walk into the room to the west and speak with Sedridor.

3) He will welcome you and ask how he can help you. Tell him you’re looking for the head wizard. He will announce that’s him ask why you’re doing that. Tell him the Duke has sent you with this weird talisman he found. Hand over the talisman and Sedridor will be amazed and say this talisman is the last piece of the puzzle to the legacy of their ancestors and then gives you a package to give to Aubury, who owns a runeshop in Varrock.

4) Start to make your way to Varrock. Once you make it to Varrock run to the center and follow the path East ‘til you make it to the bank and then run South. Aubury’s runeshop will be the smaller building.

5) Walk inside and talk to Aubury, tell him you’ve been send by Sedridor with a Package. Hand him the package, He will proceed to talk about the power this research holds. He then gives you some research notes that you need to take back to Sedridor so he can decide whether or not to let us in on this “secret”.

6) Make your way back to the Wizard’s Tower and speak with Sedridor. He will ask if you have delivered the research package. Say yes that you have and that he gave you research notes to give you. Hand him the research notes. Sedridor will say that you have been nothing but helpful and that he will let us in on this “secret” which includes a history about creating runes. Sedridor will talk about this history, you will proceed to figure out how you belong in this story. Sedridor tells you that the talisman you brought him is the key to the elemental altar of air and that there are other talismans similar to this one. After you get done talking to him you are rewarded with 1 quest point, an air talisman and access to the Runecrafting skill. You also unlock the basic talismans from Auburies shop in Varrock.