Allows players to make runes in special altars using talismans. With the runes, players can use them for teleportation and enchanting. The higher your Runecrafting, the more runes you will produce per essence. Runes are what allow spell-casting.

*Experience is doubled for the Runecrafting skill.

Runecrafting Altar Locations

Air altar: Varrock

Water altar: Lumbridge swamp

Fire altar: Al Kharid desert

Earth altar: East Varrock

Mind altar: Road to Falador

Body altar: Road to Falador

Law altar: Entrana

Cosmic altar: Zanaris

Level Rune type
1 Air rune
2 Mind rune
5 Water rune
7 Enchant Sapphire
9 Earth rune
14 Fire rune
20 Body rune
25 Teleport to Varrock
27 Enchant Emerald
31 Teleport to Lumbridge
37 Teleport to Falador
49 Enchant Ruby
57 Enchant Diamond
Multiple Runes
Level Runes
11 2x Air runes
14 2x Mind runes
19 2x Water runes
22 3x Air runes
26 2x Earth runes
28 3x Mind runes
33 4x Air runes
35 2x Fire runes
38 3x Water runes
42 4x Mind runes
44 5x Air runes
46 2x Body runes
52 3x Earth runes
55 6x Air runes
56 5x Mind runes
57 4x Water runes
65 1x Death runes
66 7x Air runes
70 6x Mind runes, 3x Fire runes
76 5x Water runes
77 8x Air runes
78 4x Earth runes
84 7x Mind runes
88 9x Air runes
95 6x Water runes
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