Sheep Shearer


1) Talk to Farmer Fred, who is located in house in North-West Lumbridge surrounded by chickens.

2) Tell Farmer Fred that you are looking for work. He will say that his sheep are getting mighty wool and would like you to shear them.

3) Then, He will ask you to bring him 20 balls of wool and that he will have some sort of payment for completing the task.

4) He will give you a pair of shear, now walk out the door and walk to your East to the Sheep pen.

5) Double click your shears and then left click a sheep to shear the sheep and obtain balls of wool (there’s a 50 percent chance to obtain a ball of wool and can only be done every 10 seconds). You can also just right click on a sheep and double click your shears to shear the sheep

6) Once you have 20 balls of wool; make you way back into Farmer Fred’s house and talk to him.

7) He will ask if you have got the balls of wool yet. Give him the 20 balls of wool and he will then reward you.