Allows players to smelt ores into bars, and smith bars into armor, weapons, and other useful items.

*Pickaxes become smith-able after completion of “Scheme of Schematics” quest.

Furnaces allow players to melt down ore into metal bars.

Anvils allow players to smith metal weapons, armors, and items out of metal bars.

Smelters allow players to melt down metal items into metal bits, metal bits can be put into a furnace to create metal bars.

Smithing workshops

*after completion of Doric's quest*

Furnace: Al Kharid 1, Crafters guild 1, Doric's workshop 4*, Halls of Camdozaal 1, Mining guild 1, Edgeville 1, Entrana Smithy 1, Falador smithing workshop 1, Lumbridge 1, Varrock mansion - cellar 1, Burthorpe 2*,

Anvil: Doric's workshop 1*, Falador smithing workshop 1, Halls of Camdozaal 2, Sacred forge 2, Varrock artisian house 2, Varrock Smith 3, Artisans workshop 10+, Burthorpe 2*,

Smelter & Refiner: Smithing Guild 1, Burthorpe 1, Varrock Smithing Shop 1,

**PROCESS:** The new skill plot "Smelter" which takes smithed metal items and melts them down into metal bits, which in turn can be used to create a metal bar (needs at least 10 bits per bar) You can only break apart items up to rune. **XP RATE:** For actually 'melting-down' items, its a small fraction of what you would normally get, example, the rune platebody gives you 325 xp for making it, but the smelting only gives you 35 xp (along with 5 rune bits)

**Making bars from bits** Click on the "Refiner" ->Each bar you make gives you the same xp as you normally would get. You do not get xp for melting items down though. **NEW ITEMS:** Metal bits, they stack and weigh very little.

Level Item
1 Bronze bars, Bronze daggers, Bronze helmets, Bronze arrowheads
2 Bronze axes, Bronze maces
3 Bronze swords, Bronze scimitars, Bronze bolts (unf), Bronze limbs
4 Bronze longswords, Bronze full helmets
5 Bronze square shields
6 Bronze warhammers
7 Bronze battleaxes
8 Bronze chainbodies
8 Blurite bars
9 Bronze kite shields
10 Bronze two-handed swords, Bronze platebodies
10 Iron bars, Iron daggers, Iron axes, Iron arrowheads
11 Iron maces, Iron med helmets
12 Iron swords, Iron scimitars, Iron limbs
13 Iron longswords, Iron full helmets, Iron bolts (unf)
14 Iron square shields
15 Iron warhammers
16 Iron battleaxes
17 Iron chainbodies
18 Iron kite shields
19 Iron two-handed swords
20 Iron platebodies
20 Silver bars
20 Steel bars, Steel daggers, Steel axes, Steel nails, Steel arrowheads
21 Steel maces, Steel med helmets
22 Steel swords, Steel scimitars, Steel limbs
23 Steel longswords, Steel full helmets, Steel bolts (unf)
24 Steel square shields
25 Steel warhammers
26 Steel battleaxes
27 Steel chainbodies
28 Steel kite shields
29 Steel two-handed swords
30 Steel platebodies
30 Mithril bars, Mithril daggers, Mithril axes, Mithril arrowheads
31 Mithril maces, Mithril med helmets
32 Mithril swords, Mithril scimitars, Mithril limbs
33 Mithril longswords, Mithril full helmets, Mithril bolts (unf)
34 Mithril square shields
35 Mithril warhammers
36 Mithril battleaxes
37 Mithril chainbodies
38 Mithril kite shields
39 Mithril two-handed swords
40 Mithril platebodies
40 Gold bars
40 Adamant bars, Adamant daggers, Adamant axes, Adamant arrowheads
41 Adamant maces, Adamant med helmets
42 Adamant swords, Adamant scimitars, Adamant limbs
43 Adamant longswords, Adamant full helmets, Adamant bolts (unf)
44 Adamant square shields
45 Adamant warhammers
46 Adamant battleaxes
47 Adamant chainbodies
48 Adamant kite shields
49 Adamant two-handed swords
50 Adamant platebodies
50 Rune bars, Rune daggers, Rune axes, Rune arrowheads
51 Rune maces, Rune med helmets
52 Rune swords, Rune scimitars, Runite limbs
53 Rune longswords, Rune full helmets, Rune bolts (unf)
54 Rune square shields
55 Rune warhammers
56 Rune battleaxe
57 Rune chainbodies
58 Rune kite shields
59 Rune two-handed swords
60 Rune platebodies
61 Granite boots
62 Granite helmet
64 Granite shield
65 Repair Odium & Malediction ward
66 Granite platebody