1) Talk to Sedridor and ask him how things are, he will tell you not so well. Ask him what’s wrong and he will say that he can use some extra help, go ahead and accept whatever it is he needs help with. He will describe to you what a Fremennik is and say that one of their seers found a rock.

Ask him where this place is. He will tell you the Fremennik were the first to use the power of the runes and they believed the power should only be used for gods, but the original rune rock has possibly been found and it has led to other rocks. He says this rock produces a more quality essence, known as pure essence and gives the ability to cast stronger spells.

Now, ask him what the issue is. He will say a chunk from the rock is missing, but the settlement was attacked by the Fremennik and it’s a battle between Wizards and Barbarians, now. Ask him how you can help.

A little transition will happen and Mizgog, Traiborn, and Aubury will be present in the room. Speak the Sedridor again. He will thank Aubury for showing and that You have filled in on the details of this rock and to find a way to solve this problem. Ask him what problem exactly and Sedridor will say that he rock is located in a cave, Mizgog will respond that it’s on a large island and that the cave is located on the southern Shore.

Ask them what makes them think that. Mizgog will say basic Geography and that he Fremennik’s ship is located on the shore and thus, the island must be north of Relleka. Sedridor will tell you that the wizards are trapped in a cave and there is no way of them escaping since the Fremennik's are surrounding the cave.

The Wizards will begin to think of a solution to kill the Fremennik's and then ask you if you have an idea. Say, “Instead of trying to go out of the exit, why not find a way around?” Sedridor will ask how can that be done, respond that he has the ability to teleport to the pure essence rock. Aubury will say, yes that they all can. Say maybe by adjusting the spell you are able to teleport to another location close by.

Sedridor says that might actually work, but Aubury comes in and says it won’t be easy and we have to go through the Abyss. Ask what the Abyss is. Aubury says the abyss is used in the teleportation and that it happens instantly and you don’t even know that you were in the Abyss for a fraction of a second. Ask how to go to the Abyss. Sedridor says that we will have to visit an old friend of theirs, Ceril, and that their friend studied evil magic and found  a way to teleport to the abyss and won't tell them how.

Ask where Ceril is located. Aubury says he is south of his shop in Varrock in a Zamorak Temple. Go ahead and make your way to Ceril in Varrock (South-East corner, before the slums).

2) Go inside the temple and speak to Ceril (Zamorak Wizard). Tell him you are looking to get into the abyss. He will ask who told you about that and says that he will teleport us the abyss. He will say that you are working with those wizards. He doesn’t care that you are working with the wizards, and says that you will have to do him a favour first.

He says he trekked to the Zamorak Temple in the wilderness and forgot his satchel. We ask why he can’t get it himself, he responds that he is in a “can’t be bothered” mood and the wilderness gives him the creeps. Accept the favour.

He says the satchel contains something very important and if we don’t bring it back within 10 minutes we will die on the spot. Ceril begins to chant, that apparently has cursed us and we need to bring the satchel to remove the curse. So now it is time to make your way to the wilderness located in North Edgeville next to the Lieutenant.

3) Go in the Wilderness from Edgeville and run North-East out of the burnt side of the town and start Running North-West past the chaos altar into the Wilderness Volcano. Run West into the Lava Maze and then West in the Forgotten Cemetery. Make your way North to the building and walk inside (watch out for the Level 30 Chaos Fanatic). Next to the altar is the satchel, inspect it. You will find out there are only tea leaves and cups in there and you pick up the satchel.

Make your way back to Ceril in Varrock.

4) Speak to Ceril and will say “tut tut tut” and respond with “Here!”. He will say I miss a good ole cuppa and you interrupt him to lift the curse. He will say it’s been more than 10 minutes and you wonder why you haven’t exploded. Ceril says it was a joke and that we smelt iffy and tried to get us out and that we now smell even worse. He asks what it is we wanted. Say to enter the Abyss. Ceril recommends to not go there since you can get lost easily. He says he is not a liar and that we have his word and to go back to our wizard friends. Make your way back to Sedridor in the Wizards Tower.

5) Speak with Sedridor, he will ask how getting into the abyss is going. Respond with that Ceril gave you his word about entering the Abyss. Sedridor doesn’t believe it. Now, that you can be teleported to the Abyss, you wonder what you have to do there. Sedridor says he has only been there once and that Ceril will be teleporting you to the Abyssal Ring, which is a ring that is connected to all the altars in the world. He says you can access the pure essence from the Abyss, but teleport above it we will need to create a path above the original entrance, it’s the best idea the wizards came up with during the visit with Ceril. Ask how that will even work.

Apparently the distance between the doorways of the Abyssal ring are enough to calculate the distance in the real world. You wonder what would happen if you teleport in a location that is safe, but Sedridor says that you can only be teleported to a safe, valid location and that a lot of altars have no other way of entering. Sedridor will say that people have tried to go above altars, but since their locations are inaccessible there is no possible way. Ask if many people access the Abyss. Sedridor says a few people here and there, but Ceril is the main person in control of the Abyss, but Sedridor needs us to go the Abyss and find the pure essence rock by peeking through the doorways and by making a hole above the correct one.

Ask how we are to make the hole. He says that it’s not a pickaxes job and that you just “form” one since the Abyss is strange. Then he says once we make the hole we need to report back to him and, until then, the wizards will be preparing. Make your way back to Ceril in Varrock.

6) Speak to Ceril. He will ask if we came back from our wizard friends. Say, “Just teleport me to the abyss.” He will ask if we are ready for what might lie in the Abyss and say yes. Once you are inside the abyss walk around til you find a rock that you can climb on the South end of the Abyssal Ring. A message will appear saying that you think this is the entrance to the pure essence mine and that you best climb up. Go ahead and climb up the rock. Now click on the wall in front of you and create a hole. A message will say that you best be going before it closes. There will be a transition and you will appear back with Ceril. Make your way back to Sedridor.

7) Speak to Sedridor, he will ask if we made the entrance. Say yes. He said the wizards have geared up and that they are ready when we are. Sedridor says he will support from inside the cave just incase things go wrong. We need to make our way back to Ceril and go back in the Abyss.

8) Speak to Ceril and he will say that 4 wizards and Sedridor came wanting to go to the Abyss and that he let us in once and only once and that it better not be a reoccurring thing. Say that you were hoping to go to the Abyss. He says that he’s supposed to be the evil one. You will enter the Abyss, now make you way back to the South part of the ring where you climbed the rock there will be a ladder there now and 4 wizards outside. Climb up the rock and enter the enter new area. Walk South and talk the Wizard. He will say that this is bad.

Ask him what’s wrong. He says that he arrived on the correct spot, but others are scattered across the area and that we have to find them. You will ask about what is so bad. There will be a little cutscene, with who seems to be Sedridor trapped in a cave guarded by the Fremenniks saying that the rock does not belong to the wizards and that they are going to cave him in with the rock so no one will have it.

The wizard says he heard noises from the East, and that’s where the other wizards might be located. So, run to your East and you will find a dead wizard, inspect him. It seems he was teleported in the sky and fell to his death. You take the supplies that were on the wizard and you will obtain 3 tuna. Keep running East around the Hill and you will find another dead wizard, inspect him. He was deceased, but there is also charred bones nearby. Choose the first option saying that he fought a Fremennik and lost, but took out one of their own, also. Another cutscene will happen where the Fremennik are moving barrels, possibly explosives, in front the cave where Sedridor is being held hostage. But we need to attack now.

Be prepared to attack 4 level 7 barbarians and a level 9 berserker. After they are dead Talk to Sedridor He will say that we are safe for now and that they will back since this is a powerful rock and Sedridor will tell us to come inside and see this rock. Enter the cave with Sedridor.

Speak with Sedridor again. He will thank you for your help and say that this is the pure essence rock. You Can choose either option. Ask him what now. He says the wizards will fortify the area and that he will convince Ceril to allow us access to the abyss permanently. Sedridor says he will teleport us back to the wizards tower because he can’t stand the cold anymore and that we need to talk to him once we are back at the tower.

As you teleport to the wizards tower you will appear in this room inspect the wall and there will be a cutscene with the Fremennik's saying that the wizards have had victory over them. But apparently it’s just for now, since they are growing more each and every day. They say the Magic users will face the wrath of the Fremennik's.

After the cutscene you will appear in the Wizards tower. Speak with Sedridor. He will say that he is grateful all we did for them. And that they lost some good wizards and he wants to know what exactly happened.

Say one wizard teleported above the cave but the other three didn’t. Sedridor says that cheating the abyss has cheated us back. Ask what he means. He says the abyss would normally spit you back out if you entered an invalid location and since that one wizard, Samuel, was on the location the other 3 could not teleport through. You then say that you only found 2 wizards and don’t know where the other one was. Sedridor asks if we found him. Say no.

He says that he might have teleported out further than the rest. Say that we need to find him, Sedridor will say that he will send the other wizards that are still in the cave to try find him and that we have done more than enough. Say you are glad to of helped. Sedridor says that Ceril will now teleport us to the Abyss any time we want and tells us that there are altars for every rune around the world in there and the ability to mine pure essence which will help us cast more powerful spells.

This will end the quest and you will be rewarded 5000 combat xp, 2 quest points, 12500 runecrafting xp, and a magical back that will reduce weight by 100% when items are stored within it and the ability to mine pure essence.