1) Speak to the Guildmaster and ask if you can have a quest. He will talk about a quest fit for a powerful Champion and to earn the right to wear a rune platebody. Ask about the quest. He will say that you need to speak to Oziach who lives in a hut in West Edgeville. Go to Edgeville and speak to Oziach. ( he will be in the House West of the General Store).

2) Speak to Oziach, and ask him to sell you a rune platebody. He will ask you know he has them. Tell him the Guildmaster told you. He won’t sell you any, because only heroes can wear his platemail. Tell him you thought he was going to give you quest. He will agree to give you quest to slay the dragon of Bredon. Say it sounds like fun, then ask how to slay the dragon. He will tell you go talk to the Guildmaster. Make you way back to the Champion’s Guild.

3) Speak to the Guildmaster and tell him you spoke to Oziach. He will ask what he told you, say to defeat the dragon of Bredon. He will say that Oziach didn’t give you a particularly easy job. Ask what’s so special the dragon. He will say Bredon was an island where 3 wizards did their magical studies, he is not sure what they did but it brought attention to a dragon. Ask how to find Bredon. He will tell that there are map 3 map pieces you have to find: Melzar, Thalzar, and Lozar. Run through all the options given. Then say that you’ll get going. The first place we need to go is to the Duke of Lumbridge to obtain the anti-dragon shield.

4) Go to the second floor the Lumbridge castle and speak to Duke Horacio. Ask him about the shield to protect you from dragonbreath. He will ask you what dragon and tell him the dragon of Bredon. He will say “are you sure?” say “Yes.” He will tell you that you are brave and ask him why everyone is so scared of the dragon. He will tell about his father and how three wizards lived there and that he remembers his father being very scared he would warn if the dragon was to approach and destroy the whole continent the same way it destroyed Bredon. Ask if he will give you the shield. He will think you might be the one who can destroy the dragon and give you the shield. Now is the time to gather the three pieces.

This next few parts can be done in any order you please:

- Melzar: For this map piece you will have to go through a maze with a series of monsters you have to kill. You will need to enter the mansion that is West and slightly North of Port Sarim. Hold right click and use the door to Walk inside and the first room will have zombie rats (level 2) kill the zombie rats until you obtain a red key and hold right click and use the door on the far right of the West wall. *Note: if you open the wrong door you will have to restart the whole maze.* The second room will consist of ghosts (level 7), kill them until you get an orange key and use it on the door to your far left on the southern wall. The next room is full of skeleton (level 7), kill them until you obtain the green key and use it on the third door (far right) on the western wall. Kill the zombies (level 7)  in the next room and obtain the blue key and open the door to your right. This next room you will be attacked by Melzar the Mad (level ?)  Kill him and pick up the purple key and open the door to your East. You will have to kill a level 10 Lesser Demon now to obtain the yellow key. After getting the yellow key open the door on the far East wall and open the chest to obtain map piece 1.

- Thalzar: For this map piece we need to go speak to the Oracle, who is located on the northern end of Ice Mountain. Go ahead and speak to the Oracle and tell her that you have come for a piece of the map to Bredon. She will tell you the map is behind a door below and will tell you need some items to enter the door: A wizard’s mind bomb, some silk, a lobster cage, and an empty bowl. Once you have those items make your way into the Dwarven mines. When you have made it to the Dwarven Mines, on the North-Eastern part of the mine, near Drogo, you will find a wall with a green light on it that you can click on. Hold right click and choose “use” it will ask you if you want to use your items, say yes. You will make your way through the wall, now, open the chest. You will obtain map piece 3.

- Lozar: For this map piece you need to speak to Wormbrain who is located in the Jail in Port Sarim, the building a little South-West of Wydin’s Food Store.  Enter the Jail and speak to Wormbrain, he will the in the third cell to your left. He will ask what you want, say that he has a map piece you need. He will ask what you will do for him. Tell him you could pay him for it. He will ask for 10k. Give him the 10k and you will obtain map piece 2.

5) It is now time to go buy our ship and find someone who can sail it. Make your way to Port Sarim. Make your way to the third dock and speak with Klarence. He will ask if you want to buy a ship. Say you would like to buy it. He will ask 2k for it, buy it. Speak to Klarence again and he will say there needs to be a little bit of work done. Ask what’s needs fixing. He will tell you that you need 3 planks and 90 steel nails. If you already have the items hand them to Klarence. Ask how long it will take to fix it. He will say not long. Now we need to find someone who can Sail the ship. We need to go to Ned’s House in Draynor Village and ask him if he will sail us to Bredon.

6) Once in Ned’s house speak to him. Ask if he can sail you to the island of Bredon. He will say that the used to be a sailor, but is too old now and will ask where it is you want to go. Say the Island of Bredon. He will say no one would dare sail to the island of Bredon and will say that you only live once and agree to sail your ship and ask where you ship and map is. Say the ship is at Port Sarim and you have the map pieces. He will say that you are up against a dragon and if you have anything to protect yourself. Say you have this shield. He will ask who you are and say that he ready whenever you are. Make your way back to the Port Sarim where Klarence is.

7) Speak to Klarence he will ask if you are here to inspect your new ship. Ask if it is ready. He said that it is and Ned is already on the ship waiting for us. Tell him you will head on up there. Once on the ship enter the door to the South and speak with Ned. He will ask if you are ready to depart, say yes. He will ask if you are sure, say yes. You will head into the cabin and rest up. You will wake up. Run South out the door to head back up on the ship and run South up the stairs and speak with Ned. Ask why the ship has stopped. He will say it will be better to sail during the day, because of the danger of rocks. Ask him if he is sure because the dragon might have a harder time seeing during the night. Ned will say that dragons have superb eyesight and staying this distance will be for the best. Head back to cabin to get some rest. Click on the bed and wait until morning. As you begin to fall asleep you hear a crash. Walk out the cabin and Ned will begin to talk to you, ask what is going on. He will say that he began to set sail and dragon spotted you and crashed into a rock. Ask where it is and that you will kill it. He says that killing it will do no good and will sink the ship. Ned says we need to get it away and he will work on getting us out. Equip your Anti-dragon Shield if you have not already, Head south through the door to get up on the ship. Be prepared to attack a Level a 12 Dragon named Flamma. Kill the dragon (technically it will fly away). Make your way back to Ned. Tell him the dragon flew away, he will say great work. Ask how to get the ship moving. He will say there is a Rock lodged in the Hull and we need to clear it out of the way. Run North and climb down the Hull. Now, Run South and inspect the rock. You break it and the ship starts to move, and all you have to do is survive the crash. You will end up on Bredon. Run North-West and speak with Ned.

8) After talking to Ned he will be glad to see you, say it’s good to see he made it. Tell him you need to find the dragon and finish it off. Ned says he will try to craft a makeshift boat in the meantime. Ned says there must be some way to escape since the 3 wizards escaped and their families most likely. He says there might be some kind of escape underground. Run East around the Mountain and enter the cave. Once inside the cave (there will be some skeletons in here that will attack you) follow the path til you find a four-way intersection and take the right path. Follow this path all they way to the back until you find a ladder. Climb the ladder. Run South and follow the Mountain all the way around until you make it to a tower ( you will be chased by some level 17 Moss Giants). Enter the tower. Run West into the room and inspect the book. You will find something interesting about why the dragon attacked here. The Wizards were stealing Dragon eggs. Run out of the room and climb of over the Barricade and go out the door to the mountain. Make your way to the top and prepare to finish of the Dragon. After you have killed Flamma you need to report back to Oziach. You can teleport off Bredon Island if you can. If not there is another exit: make your way back down to tower and jump over the barricade and exit the tower. Make your way back around the Mountain and back back down in the mine. Follow the path to the Four-way again and keep on going North down the path and enter the tunnel. Keep following down the tunnel, there is be another cave to enter follow this path until you reach a gate and open it. You will be in the Asgarnia Caves under Mudskipper point. Run West along the path and then South and exit the cave. You will be in Mudskipper point, we need to to Edgeville and speak with Oziach.

9) Talk with Oziach and he will ask if it’s true, say that it is. He will say we got a pair of cannonballs and it’s his duty to sponsor us for completing the task. Ask what now. He says there will be a ceremony, but we will have to speak to King Roald to get it started. Make your way to Varrock Castle and speak with King Roald, who is in the room to the right when you first walk in. After talking to the King, he will say it’s good to see us for what he have done. Say it was nothing. He will say everyone is ready and to meet outside. Say okay. There will be a huge crowd of people outside. Speak with the King. He will welcome everyone to our ceremony and for helping The Duke with his birthday and the evil Scheme in Camdozaal and for killing the dragon. Ned will talk about what happened during the fight with the dragon. The King will request us to give a speech and everyone will go crazy for us to give a speech. You can choose what you like from all the options for it will not effect the quest. After you go through all  the options the King will say to not let the food go to waste. This will end the quest and you will receive 2 quest points, the ability to wear Rune plate, 10000 combat xp, and the anti-dragon shield.