1) Speak to Morgan, he will be asking for some help. Ask him what his problem is. He will say there is an evil vampire in the basement of Draynor Manor. He will say that he just moved here and says this would be a good community as long as that vampire wasn’t here. Accept the quest. Morgan will want us to speak to his friend Harlow before we kill the vampire, who is a retire vampire slayer. Ask why you need me if you know a vampire slayer. He will say Harlow is past his prime and that he drinks himself into oblivion. Ask where you can find him, Morgan will tell you that is in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock if you enter Varrock from the south it’s the second building on the right. * if you want you can go ahead and inspect the cabinet to your south and get some garlic* Make your way to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock.

2) Go ahead and buy a beer before speaking to Harlow if you haven’t already got a beer. Speak to Harlow. He will say for you to buy him a drink. Ask him if he’s the famous vampire slayer. He will say it depends on who’s asking, say Morgan. He will say for you to buy him a beer and he will tell you about being a vampire slayer. Speak to Harlow again once you have a beer. He will ask if you bought a drink. Hand him the beer. He will drink the beer, now ask him about slaying vampires. Apparently after drinking a beer he sobers up more. He will say you need a stake to finish off the vampire and he always carries one on him and he will give it to you. He will also say you need a hammer to drive the stake in and will also give you a hammer. The last item he tells you will need is garlic and that you can find some in Morgan’s house. Once you have all the required items to fight the vampire, Prepare yourself and  make your way into Draynor Manor North of Draynor Village.

3) Once inside Draynor Manor make your way into the room to your East and there will be some stairs that lead down with a green gaseous substance coming out of it. Hold right click and bash the door there will be a message that there is a foul odor, Enter the doorway. Speak with Count Draynor He will say, “you dare enter my crypt?” tell him to die and start attacking him. He will have a ton of hitpoints so prepare to eat a lot or sit there for awhile. Once you have depleted all his life points, the quest will be completed and reward you with 3 quest points and 2000 combat xp. Quest Complete