Walk Through:

You can return to any point in the quest by speaking to the boy, if you're game crashes or you teleport away for any reason.

1) To start the quest, speak to the Boy inside Taverly, near the East entrance to the town. He's wandering around along the Witch's fence.

Talking to him will give you a quest, he wants you to retrieve his ball from the Witch's house. First, you will want to head to the Entrance of the Witch's house, located on the West-side of the garden. You will find that it is locked. To get inside you must...

- Search the Bucket and you will find a key

- Use the door and you will gain entry to the house.

3) Once inside you will see a diary, go ahead and use the diary to proceed with the quest. You won't be able to go anywhere further unless you read the diary.

Once you read the whole diary, your journal will update and you may now enter the ladder North of the Diary.

4) You will now be in the basement. If you don't already have leather gloves, you will find a pair inside the crate on the floor. Equip the leather gloves and then use the metal gate. You will then be placed in front the cabinet. With the leather gloves equipped, search the cabinet to obtain a magnet. You may now return back up the ladder.

5) Proceed to the door on the South side of the ground floor, and use the door. The magnet you obtained from the basement will allow you to open the magnetic lock and enter the garden.

6) The Garden this next part will have you avoiding contact with the Witch who wanders the garden. While she cannot die and cannot hit very hard, BUT she is annoying so it's best to stick to stealth. She will not teleport you out of the garden.

You will notice there are shrubs that you can hide behind, hide behind each shrub until you reach the shed at the East side of the garden. Enter the shed through the door.

7) You will find yourself in the shed. Make your way down the corridor and take the boy's ball on the shelf. You will then leave through a sewer grate in the floor and will be able to finish the quest by speaking to the boy.

He will reward you with 4 quest points, and 3000 combat xp.

Quest Complete!

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