*Wizards are the most difficult class to advance as, it takes a longer time to get started using the wizard class as you must be of sufficient Runecrafting level to excel at combat*

Wizards are based off their intelligence level; the more intelligence you have, the more spells you can cast before they have to be recharged.

Armor/ Weapon

Required Level

Wizard Robes 1
Staff 1
Staff of air, fire, water, magic 1
Imphorn 2
Spidersilk 4
Batwing 6
Splitbark body 8
TBA 10
God staffs (mage arena) 12

Intelligence determines how well a character learns and reasons. this ability is important for wizards because it effects how many spells they can cast, how hard their spells are to resist, and how powerful their spells can be.

Intelligence improves how hard your spells are to dodge or deflect. It improves the spell slots which are based on the intelligence score. The minimum intelligence score needed to cast a wizard spell is 10 + the spells level.

Wizards are able to use Staffs and Robes. Runes are also required to cast spells, and you must be in-combat to initiate a spell. Staffs can be used to strike an initial blow, then followed up with magical attacks.

It is VITAL for a wizard to obtain a magical bag from "The Archeron Rock" quest which reduces weight by ~100% while in your inventory. Rune-stones are weighted, which is why a magical bag is necessary if you plan to be a magical combatant.

There are many spells to learn in Molior RS, they are sorted into elemental magics: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. These 4 elements have 5 versions know as Strikes, Bolts, Blasts, Waves, and Surges.

You can view the complete list of spell unlocks here

Note that blood runes are not in-game yet, so chaos rune powered spells are the best combat spells in-game at this time.

☀Strike spells use Mind runes, Bolts use Chaos runes, Blasts use Death runes, and Waves use Blood runes

Spell Minimum Level Runes
air strike 1 1 air, 1 mind
water strike 1 1 water, 1 air, 1 mind
earth strike 1 1 earth, 1 air, 1 mind
fire strike 1 1 fire, 1 air, 1 mind
confuse 1 1 mind
air bolt 3 2 air, 1 chaos
earth bolt 3 2 earth, 2 air, 1 chaos
weaken 3 1 body
air blast 5 3 air, 1 death
bind 5 1 nature
fire blast 5 3 fire, 3 air, 1 death
snare 5 2 nature
faster movement 5 25 air
fire bolt 5 2 fire, 2 air, 1 chaos
air wave 7 4 air, 1 blood
earth blast 7 3 earth, 3 air, 1 death
water blast 7 3 water, 3 air, 1 death
enfeeble 7 3 nature
entangle 9 3 nature
water wave 9 4 water 4 air, 1 blood
air surge 10 5 air
earth wave 10 4 earth, 4 air, 1 blood
fire wave 15 4 fire, 4 air, 1 blood
earth surge 15 5 earth, 5 air
fire surge 15 5 fire, 5 air